Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Kind of Classmates I Had in Creative Nonfiction Writing Class Last Semester...

These are just the kind of classmates I had when I took up Creative Nonfiction Writing Class in the University of the Philippines Diliman under Professor Wendell Capili last semester.

Go Miro! All the best =)

MANILA, Philippines – “I write because for me it’s the best way to see the world and see the things we normally can’t,” says Miro Frances Capili. “Writing is the best way to encapsulate life – or at least try to. Good literature can explore and improve the human condition.”

A winner in the recent Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, Miro – who is all of 17 years old – made history in the literary scene, being the first to win the top prize in both the Kabataan Essay category and in the Essay main category.

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